The importance of food and food for children and adolescents and human


Man can not live without air only minutes, and can not live without water only days, and can not live without food only weeks, The food is the third most important needs of the body to sustain life, and the intervention of the six basic nutrients in the installation of the child and the human body, and each including functionality or more within the child’s body and the human body.
What are the key elements of food in children and adolescents and human and what is the function of both of them?
Sugars: function and body power supply
Protein: a key role in the growth, repair damaged tissue, and the composition of antibodies and enzymes and hormones.
Fat: and function and supply the body with energy.
Vitamins function to assist in chemical and biochemical reactions within the body.
Mineral salts: function and help the body’s cells and organs to function.
Water: and instrumental in the formation of body fluids, and regulate temperature, and the transfer of the outputs of digestion, and provide the appropriate center-bio interactions within it, and is a water ratio of 80% of the child’s body weight, and 60% of the body of a person’s weight.
What is the importance of food and food Almtwaznin a child and teenager, and for humans?
Balanced healthy diet is essential for a child and teenager to man for:
Providing growth and development be healthy for children in the growth phase
Insurance disease prevention
Ensure that the cells of the body and organs of various functions.
Work on the maintenance and repair of damaged tissues and cells of the body.
Food is the source of the body’s energy renewed. Important Tips When eating for children and adults:
May not be deleted or a shortcut to any of the main meals of the three, and if the weight of the child or adolescent or your weight within normal limits you can eat two meals additional snacks when you feel hungry, and preferably from fresh fruits and vegetables.
More than eating fresh vegetables and fruit, Kalsultat and natural fruit juice, and try as much as possible to limit the intake of high-fat foods
Get the daily need of grain from eating whole grains shelled They are rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins.
More than eating foods rich in iron Kalkhaddar green leafy vegetables, legumes and whole grains untreated they prevent anemia and iron deficiency.
More than eating calcium-rich foods especially milk and dairy products, it is an important element in the formation of bones and teeth and maintain her health and safety.
Avoid eating a lot of sweets, and if you feel the urge so eating sweets prepared at home, they contain less amounts of fat and sugars
Reduce eating salt and salty foods they increase the risk of high blood pressure.
Stop eating as soon as your feeling of satiety and fullness, it keeps you active and comfortable and relaxed that one together.
You have to maintain your weight within normal limits and in proportion to the length eating a balanced healthy diet and appropriate exercise sport regularly.
You should avoid erroneous or violent diets that can expose you to many health problems that affect your growth and your resistance to disease at this stage of life.