Water requirements in children need


Water is an important nutrient for the human child, man bears a lack of air for a few minutes only, and bears the lack of water for days only! And the water enters in the composition of the body including the equivalent of 80% of body weight in children and 60-75% of the adult human weight, and water is essential for the digestion and absorption and metabolism, and regulating the heat and the transfer of nutrients and waste products through the blood and urine.
What are the daily need of water or fluids of a child by age?
Daily amount of water needed by the child by the child’s age and weight and the presence of a medical condition or not is different, and is intended by the following amounts each fluid provided to the child and not water exchange (ie it receives the child from the water and milk or other liquids by age …) and values the following are the approximate values ​​of the natural children without the disease, and the source of this information is the American Academy of Pediatrics:
Preterm and low birth weight: from 120 to 150 ml / kg / 24 hours or more depending on each child
From birth until the age of 3 days of natural child Pettmam pregnancy: 80 ml / kg / 24 hours (due to the movement of fluid outside the cell to the rotation at this age)
Natural for children weighing 3 to 10 kg: 100 ml / kg / 24 hours
Natural for children weighing 11 to 20 kg: 1000 ml +50 ml per kg and one is above the 10 kg weight / 24 hours
Natural children over 20 kg: 1500 ml +20 ml per kg and one above the weight of 20 kg / 24 hours
What are the daily need of water or fluids for an adult?
Man needs to eat the amount of water equivalent to 1.5 to 2.5 liters per day and from different sources, including food …, but the actual water needs vary from person to person depending on the air temperature, and body size, and the nature of the food you eat, and health status of the person, and the degree of vitality and physical activity ….