Breakfast when the child


Are you dealing with your child’s breakfast? Among more than a study in the United States that 40% of children do not eat their breakfast, with that breakfast is the most important meal of the day!
Some facts about the importance of breakfast for children and adolescents and to man:
The State of Minnesota Breakfast Study showed this study that children and students who eat breakfast are getting high marks in math and reading than those who do not eat breakfast, and be the degree of attention the largest and rarely visiting the clinic school and maintain normal behavior during office ….
Children who regularly eat their breakfast on their nutritional needs and maintain a good weight, and rarely miss school, and cholesterol levels are lower than others have, and do not complain of headaches in the middle of the day ..
Baby gets when taken for breakfast on the important elements in the breakfast include: calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, and folic acid, a vitamin A, B 12 B12, C-C …
Why does not address some of the children breakfast,
The most important reasons for not taking the child and adolescent for breakfast, and that should be avoided are:
Child delay in getting up to go to school …
Preoccupation with the child in the preparation of school instruments AM and other clothes ….., and these should be ready from the previous evening …
Lack of knowledge of the child and adolescent and parents of the importance of breakfast ..
What is the importance of breakfast in children and adolescents and human?
Breakfast is important meals that must be the child and adolescent and individual covered every morning after his absence from the food for long hours during sleep, breakfast and helps the child to regain its activity and vitality and its ability to study or work.
What is the best child and adolescent components Breakfast?
Have to be a meal rich in protein breakfast is eggs, milk or cheese and yoghurt, bread with a bit of fruit and vegetables, it helps to keep the level of sugar in the blood naturally for a long time after breakfast up to about four hours. The beans and chickpeas from foods rich in vegetable protein and thus constitute a delicious meal, cheap and high nutritional value that one together breakfast, especially if ingested an individual with a bit of bread and wrong to breakfast rely on only sugars Kalmrabiyat and sweets, then drop your blood sugar level after a quick breakfast, which displays individual inactivity, fatigue and exhaustion.
According to the American Dietetic Association breakfast should include:
Grains and starches with milk or fruit
Toast with cheese
Yogurt mixed with fruit
Mix the milk with fruit
Wholemeal bread and peanut butter (peanut)
What do I do if my son refuses to eat breakfast after all of the above?
Here you have a child covered to provide a meal on the way to school (sandwich and fruit ….) or at school, if possible, and some schools offer breakfasts for students