Umbilical hernia in children – umbilical hernia umbilical hernia


What is the umbilical hernia in children? What is an umbilical hernia?

Umbilical hernia in children is a protrusion or bulging (block) in the navel area when a newborn child or baby after the fall of the umbilical cord, and may be the umbilical hernia is a bulge my skin only if it is small, and may contain a portion of the small intestine if large and hernia hub may not be noticed immediately at birth, and if the umbilical cord is usually Tgena, and duels hernia more when baby crying, and getting smaller in size when the child calm.

Do umbilical hernia in children common is it?

It infects umbilical hernia for children about 10% of children, and infected females more than males.

What is the cause of umbilical hernia in children?

The real reason is unknown, but in most cases the umbilical cord Tgena, and the delayed closing of the hole between the abdominal muscles place the cord out of the belly of the child, and the hernia comes out through this slot.

What are the factors that may help in the umbilical hernia occurs when the children?

A set of circumstances could arise in the event of the occurrence of umbilical hernia caused when children and help bug appearance and the most important:
In females
When African children
If the child was born preterm

What is the relationship between the presence of crying baby umbilical hernia in children?

Nothing to do with the weeping of the occurrence of umbilical hernia in children, and all said that the baby can be infected hernia navel because crying is not true, and everything in it that the umbilical hernia in children is usually present, but it highlights the more when the baby crying.

Is there a risk of “perforation” the occurrence or increase the size of umbilical hernia in children due to severe crying?

No, it can not cause any danger crying baby on the umbilical hernia in children.

What are the seriousness of the umbilical hernia in children?

Umbilical hernia does not cause children any danger for the child normally, except in very few cases when the hernia is very large and cause the entry portion of the intestine within the umbilical hernia bag and occurrence of suffocation intestine or the so-called hernia Choker.

How do I know hernia occurrence of suffocation when the child umbilical hernia?

This is rare, and can be done through observation and increase the size of the hernia does not return its content towards the abdomen, and the baby is crying a lot and vomiting and abdominal swelling and irritation of the baby may occur, and then should see a doctor immediately.

What is the future of a child in the umbilical hernia?

Umbilical hernia is a common problem in children and newborns, especially premature infants born prior to the ninth month of pregnancy, and are considered secret hernia of the most common surgeries surgery in children, and rushes in this case part of the abdominal contents, Kalomaa or other members, through an opening in the abdominal muscles, stand out in the form of swelling or puffiness.

Some children are born and they have such small openings in the abdominal wall, which are supposed to be closing at the birth of the child, which Vtendf tissue and show the emergence or mass. It shows umbilical hernia is usually in the form of swelling in the umbilical under the skin, and it seems especially when the child is crying or coughing or when they make an effort during play or defecate.

And be the incidence of umbilical hernia in females than in males, ranging in size between 1 and 5 cm. Hernias confidential and do not cause any symptoms in most cases, can also be easily replayed (returned to the abdominal cavity), so unlike the umbilical hernias in adults, which might cause serious complications and problems, Kalansdd or suffocation.

Most umbilical hernias and disappear when the child when the child reaches two years of age, and therefore do not require surgical treatment before the age of three years, except in some rare cases where the hernia choking or injured embolism.

What is the role of a folk remedy in the treatment of umbilical hernia in children?

Some seniors may advise put adhesive tape or a coin on the navel newborn or ligament navel cloth …., and to address the umbilical hernia in children, but that does not work does not benefit from it, and may cause this treatment nuisances for the child Kalthss dermal because the label or harass the child because of compression bandage …..

Are you allowed to pay umbilical hernia in children about intra-abdominal my hand?

Yes, this is possible and does not constitute a danger to the child, but it does not help in the treatment.

What is the umbilical hernia treatment in children?

No need to treat most cases of hernia navel in children, that is the secret hernia gradually Sasgr slowly, after one year of the birth of a child with a hernia the navel heal more cases on their own without treatment, and 5 years old all cases of umbilical hernia in children have been cured spontaneously,

When treated umbilical hernia surgery in children?

Few cases of umbilical hernia for children may need surgery and including:

Hernias large and growing increase in size.

Not the disappearance of the hernia when they reach the fourth or fifth child of age.

The emergence of symptoms of choking or blockage of the hernia, regardless of age, this is uncommon.

How is it treated umbilical hernia surgery in children?

The surgery aims to close the hernia through a small opening above the navel, and conducted the operation under general anesthesia for the baby, and the pediatric surgeon sewed hernia opening in the abdominal wall, simple operation and short-term and Dalotfl Aao home the same day, and should be on the parents to consult a specialist when children notice any swelling in or around the navel postoperatively.

You can umbilical hernia in children to come back to be displayed?

This is very unlikely, both after spontaneous healing, or after surgery, and can happen in the event of a bottleneck in the hernia and hurt the small intestine. .