Male circumcision – Purity


What is male circumcision?
Is the eradication or removal of the foreskin, the skin of any introduction of the penis, and the child is circumcised usually in the first few days or weeks of birth. Some followers of the circumcision of their children social customs and religious beliefs, while the others are doing to their knowledge of health its benefits. And circumcision is necessary for males to maintain the cleanliness of the penis and prevent the incidence of certain diseases, such as chronic urinary tract.

Does male circumcision is essential and healthy?
Yes, the Messenger Muhammad peace be upon him recommended him, and he does not speak of passion, and the newly-health benefits of male circumcision is proven recognition of the World Health Organization and the most important benefits of male circumcision:

Prevention of urinary tract infections
Prevention of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and AIDS
Prevention of penile cancer in the future
The health authorities recently in the United States advised the male circumcision

Is there a risk when you make male circumcision?
The risk of male circumcision is considered low compared with the benefits, and circumcision is a process that has its complications and risks like any other medical procedure, if it is not performed correctly. And is accompanied by inflammation usually swelling of the region and form the crust yellow or the appearance of liquids is serene and urinary problems and ulcers, and is a transient problems get better take care of a wound excision by washing the wound with a solution Alnormal Saleen, and must then return to the doctor if it continues, and it must after circumcision to put a bandage of sterile gauze on the penis, with the continuous change to ensure the cleanliness of the wound. It is natural that a little bleeding wound after circumcision, and pocket to see a doctor in the event of continued bleeding or was abundant, and it is natural that the introduction of the penis looks yellowish-colored reddish with the appearance of yellow discharge that lasts a few days.

What are the contraindications male circumcision?
Not recommended circumcision of a child who suffers from the urethra or other underlying health problems, such as bleeding and blood diseases only after consulting your doctor

What is the best date for male circumcision?
There is no specific time to do circumcision, and the earlier it was so much better. However prefers not to perform circumcision immediately after birth, but to wait for several days or weeks, and is considered the age of 3 to 4 weeks the best time to circumcise the child, and should not postpone the circumcision of several months or years, so the child is not aware of what was happening to him, they are subjected to psychological abuse .