Acne – also called acne ACNE


Acne Treatment
Acne occurs when 85% of teenagers and adolescents, and it may be more health problems incidents of disorder when a lot of teens, and Fortunately, most cases of acne is mild to moderate, and 5% of the cases are severe and can lead to scarring of the skin.
What is the cause of acne?
Results count for the effect of hormones secreted by the body on the sebaceous glands in the skin, and increases the secretion of these hormones during adolescence and lead to the secretion of oily substance called sebum from the glands of the skin, and result in an increase of sebum to the skin reaction inflammatory and occurrence of redness in the skin, and sometimes form bags and distinctive acne pimples. The following picture shows how the development of acne.
Some common misconceptions and perceptions about the count:
First: “The presence of the count does not mean that the teenager is a little personal Bnzafth his food or care, or that there is a relationship between acne and teen sexual activity.
Second: “The clean up with soap and counting in a violent manner will not lead to the demise of the count, and on the contrary has been detrimental to the case.
Third: “There is no scientific evidence yet of the existence of a relationship between, for example, a special diet and acne, like chocolate” and pizza etc ..
Becomes more weary worried following the emergence of acne, but with the availability of effective medical treatment should be advised to review pediatrician or dermatologist for treatment rather than “wasting time in Fever food is useful.
What is the treatment of acne?
Most cases of acne improves during 4 to 8 weeks of treatment and many cases require prolonged treatment and is a problem facing the doctor as many teenagers do not have enough patience to get the improvement, and this leads them to change the treatment and abuse to the state count.
Treat mild cases of acne: one dealing with antiseptic ointments such as BENZOYL PEROXIDE ointment alone, without any other treatment, and it leads to a clear improvement.
Treat moderate cases of acne: the former is added to the ointment ointment Retinoic acid or add topical antibiotic such as Erythromycin or Tetracycline.
Treat severe cases of acne: and called cystic acne is added to the previous treatment drug Accutane is an effective drug, but has significant and unpleasant side effects is not taken only after prescribed by a doctor and is a medicine deformed fetus so it should not be taken during pregnancy. In addition to the previous treatment are advised to wash the face with soap teenager a nice day “and avoid oily cosmetics beauty mitigation of foods containing fat Kalojbat fast and avoid dealing with oil and lubricants for cars. ..