Turner syndrome


What is Turner syndrome?
Turner syndrome are caused by a defect in ploidy when females and specifically by a defect in the chromosomes of nationality, and is affecting one female out of every 2500 female in the world, and the real reason for this imbalance chromosome is unknown, The formula of chromosomal sex natural female is xx While these are the formula when women with Turner syndrome x0 that there is any X chromosome instead of one or two chromosomes that there are two chromosomes X, but one in which a part is missing, and as a result of this imbalance demonstrations disease differ between girl infected and the other depending on the number of cells and organs affected by the disorder.
How pretend Turner syndrome? These events vary from girl to another:
The first sign is may be swelling of the feet at birth
The female infected be short stature, and if she did not address Reducing the maximum length will be about 140 cm and with hormone therapy early improves length well
Sexual maturation in females infected affected due to lack of development of the ovaries overnight with naturally and thus puberty normally occurs only if she received hormones are pharmacological
In general all the women infected with Turner syndrome are sterile and unable to reproduce
Neck winged there be any pagan leather on each side of the neck
Have a low hairline at the back and runs up by the scruff of the neck
Prolapse of the eyelids
Fulcrum low earmuffs
College may be involved and the rise of arterial tension
May develop heart
May be seen in the lack of hearing
You may see an increase in weight
Disease may be seen diabetics
Cataracts may occur in the eyes
The thyroid gland may be involved.
The girl may suffer from learning disabilities, especially in math and reading maps
Simple deformities in the bones of the hand and the elbow joint
The girl psychologically affected as a result of these differences in appearance
How does the doctor to confirm the diagnosis of Turner syndrome?
Can the doctor suspects the diagnosis since birth and the case may go undiagnosed until approaching the girl of adulthood, and when in doubt the doctor asked to examine ploidy and is undertaking to examine the number and shape of chromosomes in the cells when the patient and after confirming the finding of an imbalance of chromosome are asked some surveys to make sure the kidney injury, heart and other organs.
What is the treatment for Turner syndrome?
There is no cure and radically to this situation as most of chromosomal abnormalities, but there are a range of treatments that are trying to correct the imbalance in the hardware business, especially physical growth and sexual maturation:
The cure growth hormone improves longitudinal growth when the girl and the girl’s natural length Krafiqadtha could reach, especially if you start this treatment early. There is the growth of private schemes to monitor length when infected
The other treatment is to compensate for estrogen and this will help the girl to start acquiring some signs of puberty, such as the growth breasts and sometimes the occurrence of menstruation, and we begin 12 to 13 years old this treatment usually.
In some cases can cause pregnancy when those who want to infected by artificial insemination outside the body in vitro fertilization and egg but be of another female donor and the doctor put a fertilized egg in the womb of infected Turner syndrome
What is the role of parents who have a child infected and has Turner’s syndrome?
The girl may suffer from learning difficulties, particularly in math and reading maps, but most of them are able to write well and enjoy a good memory and mastered the language well, and parents are advised to do the following:
Try to integrate the child infected with private associations or groups of women with the disease
You must integrate the child in social activities and sports, and a private charity volunteer
You must comply with the treatment described by the doctor …