Asperger’s syndrome – Autism Spectrum


What is Asperger’s syndrome?
Asperger’s or Asperger syndrome is a syndrome vital neurological disorder is highlighted recently in 1994, despite the description of the disease since 1944, and is a disorder clinically based in itself, and is one of the evolutionary disorders in children, (pervasive developmental disorders (PDD, which is characterized by a lack of the ability to social networking when these children, and classifies Asperger’s or Asperger’s syndrome within similar autism or autism spectrum diseases.
What are the causes of Asperger’s syndrome?
The real cause of Asperger syndrome is not yet known.
What are the symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome and features?
Children with Asperger’s syndrome show signs ranging from mild to severe, and include the following:
These children have a distinct lack of social abilities
Children with Asperger’s syndrome to avoid looking at the tell them
Have children with Asperger’s syndrome, a little facial expressions
Suffer from difficulties in change
Prefer the monotony of life in words and physical movements
They have a fixed routine and always preoccupied with specific interests previously
They have great difficulty in understanding non-verbal expressions (understanding of body movements)
With weak language, but to a lesser degree than those in autism
Conversely it may be for some people a lot of words, but they are not very good use in the social sphere
And be in patients with Asperger syndrome lack the ability to identify suitable for the dimensions of the human body
And have excessive sensitivity to sounds, smells, and to taste
And they prefer soft clothing, certain foods and not others
And it may bother them votes, or lights that do not disturb the natural child
Children with Asperger’s syndrome may walk clumsily and without Ntnasag Moving clumsily, with poor coordination
How is the diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome?
Are difficult to disperse the disease Asperger’s autism, the diagnosis is difficult in general because of the varied symptoms, and is diagnosed more cases during childhood through special criteria for diagnosis is still under development, and the need for the team myself a specialist for diagnosis, and many cases of Asperger’s syndrome is diagnosed initially on it overactive plus (ADHD) despite the fact that both cases may Ttravqan together.
What is the treatment for Asperger’s syndrome?
Asperger’s syndrome treatment needs to myself trainee team: behavioral therapy and mainly, where the focus is on improving social communication skills, and alleviation of the daily routine in life and a lot of them need continuous support to live independently. It is important to know that a child’s disease Asperger understand the world differently from normal children, and so it looks a lot of his behavior strange though it does not deliberately so, and this is not because of his upbringing fails, and have IQ naturally when children with Asperger’s, and It may have some unique skills, and many of them are subjected to ridicule, and includes the treatment of Asperger syndrome:
Communication exercises and social skills: Children with Asperger’s syndrome may learn the rules of social networking is started and through your explanation, as students learn foreign language without reading them, and includes Encourage the child to eye contact and tone of voice to determine …
Cognitive behavior treatment: This includes following the boycott technique, adverse, temper tantrums and then choose one of these technologies and to continue the
Asperger syndrome treatment with medicines: No drug Shafi from Asperger’s syndrome, but there are some medications that may improve some of the symptoms associated with Asperger’s syndrome, easing anxiety, depression and hyperactivity …