Inguinal Hernia Repair


What is inguinal hernia?
Testes or ovaries is when the fetus before birth inside the abdomen, with a special strap connects Balsafn when male and female labia. With the approaching date of birth pull this bond those members toward natural Todaha final, where the testicles descend toward the scrotum and the ovaries toward the pelvis through a private channel is the inguinal canal, and closes this channel automatically and permanently within weeks after birth. In the absence of lock this channel child Bafattq inguinal infected, where it enters the part of the intestine within the channel is closed, and highlights from time to time in the form of a block from the groin (the area between the abdomen and thigh). The most watched hernia early after birth but it could be delayed for this or that happen at any age.
What are the predisposing factors for the occurrence of inguinal hernia?
Baj and frequent occurrence of hernia in the following cases:
More seen Baj and hernias in preterm infants.
Males suffer more than females.
Hernias abound at specific families.
In the case of undescended testis or testis Alntath.
In the urethra infrastructure.
In congenital hip dislocation.
In cystic fibrosis or cystic fibrosis.
What are the symptoms of inguinal hernia?
This can be seen symptoms Baj and inguinal hernia easily often, where parents noticed Mtbarzh block in the upper thigh and lower abdomen or scrotum. This block has only appear when you cry, and disappear when you sleep and relax. It does not usually cause any inconvenience to the child only in the form of non-natural, but it may cause the suffocation hernia pain and vomiting and crying continuous child has hernia lead to bowel obstruction, which requires surgical intervention emergency cash, and pretending bowel obstruction this crying and vomiting and interruption defecation and flatulence .
How is the diagnosis of inguinal hernia?
Baj doctor can diagnose the condition and hernia through a hearing child of the family story, and do examined clinically. It was mixed with the doctor between a hernia and hydrocele water which means gathering around the testis occurs after birth and heal often alone without treatment. While hernia shows disappears Alternately, permanent Hydrocele remain, and helps optical transparency test highlighted the scrotum to distinguish between them.
This is when the diagnosis Baj or inguinal hernia in females perform imaging Alaakograve of the basin to ensure the presence of the uterus, which can in rare cases be absent uterus. In such cases, the child is a male genital organs virtual feminine.
What is the risk of inguinal hernia?
There are dangerous main occur in 5% of cases of Baj and hernia, and threaten the blood supply to the testicle:
Suffocation Baj hernia, which is associated with pain and constant vomiting and crying when the child and bowel obstruction, a child in this situation and be snappier and restless.
Compression hernia that leads to the interruption of blood supply to part of the intestine Almndguet, causing pain and redness of the hernia area and the high temperature of the child and tachycardia, and requires immediate surgical intervention.
What is the treatment of inguinal hernia?
The treatment Baj and inguinal hernia surgically always, through the simple, fast and very common process in children. The aim of the surgery to avoid complications provided that they take place as soon as possible after being diagnosed with a hernia, because throttling and compression hernias may require ambulatory surgery ..