How do you deal with your teenager?


Adolescence is a period of change and challenges in the young, and these changes may cause some confusion for teenagers and parents, and may be difficult years for teenage girls at times, but the beauty is adolescent maturity and independence in the end!

Tips to maintain good communication with your children:

  • Spend a family time with a teenager, although his desire may be spending time with friends
  • Sit alone with your teenager and talk to him and hear him well
  • When your teenager speaks: Be patient, do not interrupt, show your interest in detail
  • Respect the feelings of adolescence and awareness and do not show your discontent quickly
  • Prove your consent to what is improper, but calmly and steadily, if this leads to temporary weakness
  • Try not to get angry when there are errors, but make direct what happened with a focus on the solution
  • Criticize behavior rather than adolescent personality: Do not say for example: I was always late, but I say: I trust you!
  • Combine cash with rewards when positive cooperation occurs by a teenager or teen
  • Let your son or daughter have their own independent personality, not as you wish to be!
  • Try to look at teenagers’ interests: music, movies, sports …
  • Remember, it’s normal for a teenager to feel free
  • Simple fault tolerance and ignoring transient loopholes
  • Accept that life is changing and your son may not be just like you
  • Be your father or mother first of all and share your interests as a friend.